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A Quality Management System is method of improving, measuring and controlling the flow of information within your business.  It gets your company to the point where it can use the increased staff competency, improved control of how you carry things out, and expanded information harvesting, to better facilitate product differentiation and/or cost control.

Competitive Advantage

Are you looking to develop your competitive advantage?  Then a QMS, properly developed and supported, can move your company to a position where it has the ability to use any increased proficiency and productivity to create price flexibility and/or innovation.

Price flexibility

With improvements in control, communication, information gathering and staff capabilities comes increased productivity.  If you enhance your productivity this can lead to cost reductions, thus enabling your business to be more flexible with its pricing or to take increased profits.


We are all faced with the need for speed in responding  to changes in our fields of research.  A Quality Management System can help improve creative capability by freeing up time and money which can be directed into work on differentiating your products or services.

Customer Care and Continual Improvement

A QMS is essentially about focusing on listening to your customers, responding to their current and future needs, and continually improving your products and services to meet their requirements.

From Start-up to Sophisticate

There comes a time when it becomes necessary to move from the exciting ‘cutting edge’ stage of business creation to a more formal business structure.  The basis for this essential progression can be provided by ISO 9001 and/or other standards such as ISO 13485.  This management structure offers flexibility with control, enabling a dynamic organisation to flourish in a measured and sustained way.

What next?

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We also offer ISO 14001 (Environmental) Management Systems consultancy

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