About ISO 9001

Our credentials

At ISO 9001 Consultant we specialise in ISO consultancy, training and auditing throughout the UK. Our lead consultant is a CQI Chartered Quality Professional, which guarantees that they have undergone a rigourous selection process to determine their experience and capability.

What is ISO 9001:2008?

ISO 9001:2008 is a universally recognised quality management system. It involves considering what happens in your business, putting a quality management system into operation around it (not as many people believe, the other way round), and supporting and improving that system continually.

A little bit of history

Traditional views of quality assurance methods have produced a negative legacy which ISO 9001:2008 seeks to address by its newly simple, proactive, and adaptable approach.

Its popularity has been promoted by its use as a supply chain management tool by many large industries, who quickly saw the cost benefits of requiring suppliers to be independently audited and certified to ISO 9001, rather than maintaining their own staff to carry this out.Streamline your warehouse with ISO9001-Consultant

The ISO 9000 standard is continually being revised by standing technical committees and advisory groups, who receive feedback from those professionals who are implementing the standard.

Our approach

ISO 9001:2008 can be seen by some as a rubber stamp where minimal compliance is sought, rather than as a means to facilitate the move to a continual improvement ethos within an organisation.

We at ISO 9001 Consultant aim to work alongside our clients, enabling them to make the journey at their own pace from mere compliance to enhanced performance.

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